Picking Conference Room Chairs

The office manager has a difficult job on his or her hands, when it comes to selecting a suite of conference room chairs. Without a shadow of a doubt, they will have to take into account the comfort of the people at the conference, the company’s finances for the conference chairs and the appearance of the chairs, because you do not want to ruin the firm’s image.

When people hire a conference room, the main idea is to convey information to their clients or guests. Therefore, they want the conference chairs to be very comfortable so that those clients or guests can stay seated for a long time. If the seats are not comfortable, then the attendees will want to get up frequently and they will find it less easy to concentrate on the message being imparted.

The majority of conference room chairs will be ergonomically designed. They will have a moulded, but deeply padded seat or pan and a moulded and padded back rest. Good conference chairs will be adjustable for height too, since the best sitting position is to be able to put your feet flat on the floor with your thighs parallel with the floor.

There ought to be a special lumbar support pad too and if possible it should be adjustable up and down, in order to fit into the small of anyone’s back. The back of the seat should either reach to the back of the head or there should be an adjustable head rest.

Some will have arm rests, especially if the client is expected to read any literature and specialized arm rests have a large flat area that will hold an A4 note pad for taking notes on the conference or lecture. These can be attachable, so that they be of service to right and left handed people.

The majority of these conference chairs will have casters for ease of movement. and these casters should be finished in rubber so as not to scratch a wooden floor and to operate noiselessly. A tilt mechanism is not an unusual device in conference chairs as it allows the sitter to move and thereby keep the blood flowing correctly, which will help prevent cramp. All of these elements will help promote a good sitting posture, which will permit the attendee to remain sitting and listening longer without a break.

It is essential for reasons of style and corporate image that you choose the right colour chairs and right fabric to create the impression you want to impart. Furthermore, all the chairs should be the same colour and shape/design. This is useful for procuring a discount too. Black leather is the most popular choice, because it is hard-wearing, does not show dirt and looks authoritative. It is not written in stone though that you have black or leather.

When you buy a suite of chairs like this, not only will you be able to discuss a good discount in order to come within your budget, but you will also possibly get an extended warranty, if you ask for one. A warranty that will insure your conference room chairs against rips, stitching problems and defective mechanisms.

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