Pheromone Cologne To Enhance Attraction Of The Opposite Sex

Pheromone is a chemical substance that is secreted by animals to mark territories, show the way to food supplies and to attract males. The substance is also believed to exist in humans if only to perform the later function. The effect of this substance is very potent on animals as far getting a potential mate is concerned. Thus, some people believe that the pheromone could have the same potent effect on humans.

The problem however is that humans do not seem to secrete enough pheromone to elicit the type of frenzy for a mate found in animals. More so, it is not a substance that can be perceived easily. In fact, it is a odorless and colorless chemical that can only be perceived with the aid of the vomeronasal organ found deep in the nose.

Manufactures of fragrances and perfumes have tapped into a market that needs help in attracting a mate. More so, any product that could cause members of the opposite sex to be more susceptible to their charms is sure to sell. This is the reason behind the emergence of pheromone cologne on the market.

The brands of pheromone fragrance in the market are diverse and they are made following different compositions. There is a type that is odorless and can be mixed into a lotion or another perfume on one hand. The other type has a fragrance and can be used alone.

On the issue of attracting the other sex by wearing pheromone cologne there are two camps. Some people are in support of its efficacy while others are against such claims. Yet, it seems that both sides have enough arguments to support their claims.

The point is that those that believe that the fragrance is efficacious in increasing their attractiveness have reason to believe that. So the rational thing to do is to continue to use the perfumes. Yet, the argument against such stand is that any purported attractiveness brought about by the cologne is psychological rather than physiological. They claim that a belief in the potency of the cologne is enough to produce an amount confidence that makes men attractive to women.

However, for those that claim that the perfumes do not make them more attractive than they are already are, there are two probable reasons. The first reason according to the manufactures is that some people are wired to produce a negative effect to pheromones. More so, the ingredient used in the preparing the cologne may not be in the right composition to elicit the desired response from the subject.

The solution would be either that such people should forget about using these perfumes totally or they should continue experimenting with new products until they are able to get one that works for them. Nevertheless, many manufactures backs their claims up with data to show that their products work. Thus, it is quite possible that the they work just that they may not be as potent as represented.

However, it is important that anybody that wants to buy a pheromone cologne for attracting the opposite sex pay attention to the packaging. This is because a number of these products are made for people looking for same sex partners. This will help them avoid sending the wrong message other their desires.

The best cologne for men would be the type that attracts the ladies. The type that attracts the ladies is the cologne with pheromones – have you heard about this yet?

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