Perleche Treatment – Remedy For Angular Cheilitis

How to Treat Angular Cheilits

Angular Cheilitis is a really common problem which impacts the skin around the mouth and lip area causing fissures and cracks at the corners of the lips together with ulceration. It can be really painful with irritation and normal burning sensation. In many cases, an individual suffering from this condition also known as perleche, will get cracks at the corners of the mouth. While opening the mouth it further splits and bleeds causing sores & scabs making it even worse and hard to hide.Even though angular stomatitis is common in elderly people, it can occur at all age groups. There can be various reasons leading to Perleche.

Usually the patients suffering from this disease will have an iron or vitamin B deficiency and also a vulnerable immune system. Moreover, bacterial, viral or yeast infections might result in angular cheilitis.Besides the aforementioned reasons for the condition, dentures, too much licking of the lips, or sucking your thumb are some of the causes developing this disease, at times cosmetics can also be at fault. Whatever the cause, generally the treatment for cheilitis remains the same.

Angular Cheilitis Remedy

Symptoms of cheilitis like dry, chapped lips with cuts and sores is not only unattractive but also painful and irritating leading to problems when you speak, eat and drink. There are home remedies for cheilitis which may be implemented once symptom occur to provide instant relief and preventing it from further happening, at least for a while.

An Easy Angular Cheilitis Remedy

A simple home treatment for perleche often consists of using a little petroleum jelly or unperfumed lip balm, applied in the corner of the mouth if the splits are open and not scabbed. Using petroleum as an angular cheilitis remedy will often offer quick relief from the niggling pain. To prevent the situation from getting worse, individuals who suffer with perleche (cheilosis) should avoid over licking there lips and address their diet. If the cause of the disease is nutritional deficiency then the patient ought to start taking iron and vitamin supplements or start to eat more home prepared foods with a great iron content, such as fresh vegetables.

Oral Hygiene & Dentures

A medicated mouthwash should be used to keep your teeth clean and preventing the spread of bacteria if cheilitis is due to the ill fitting dentures. You need to instantly consult a dentist and get the badly fitting dentures adjusted.There are quite a few publications which cover an angular cheilitis remedy, many of these publications claim to have an excellent effectiveness, some websites claim that their cheilitis treatment works in 97% of cases. While I think many of these claims might be a little ostentatious, it seems that the best course of action for this condition is a home remedy for angular cheilitis.

So which angular cheilitis remedy would I recommend?

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