People Know How To Make A Difference In The World

Knowing how to make a difference in the world would benefit everyone. These ideas would be very helpful in the long run and each one should be creative. People should never let the individuals in politics decide all of their very important issues.

Each individual should write down one specific goal to accomplish before they leave this earth. One great idea is to allow every human being a fare share of wealth and prosperity. This will mean making it very possible for poor people to gain great employment which has an excellent salary attached to it. When humans are allowed to earn enough money they will be able to feed their families and live comfortable lives.

Minimum wage would increase in all American states and this will make people very happy. Studies have shown that when individuals earn a great living they will spend more at the stores and other public places. The entertainment business will once again be in the “black” since many families will go out over the weekend to see a movie. Bowling alleys will be back in business on Friday nights.

It would also be great if many wealthy individuals and celebrities would give more to charities and homeless people. Even one famous person with loads of money can sponsor an event that would help individuals living on the street. They could arrange an annual benefit which would charge individuals a very small amount of money to attend.

Checks will be presented to homeless individuals after the event is over and this is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. There will also be donations given to the families who work very hard but seem to get nowhere.

People who have a great deal of wealth will only be blessed when they are willing to help others. No one person should be able to sit upon a ton of money and waste it on very frivolous things. The Oscar, Emmy and Grammy events in Hollywood are a true waste of time and it does not benefit society.

When it comes to adoption many of the actors in America will travel to Africa in order to obtain a black child. This is not necessary since there are many black orphans who live within the states and they need parents. It would also be great if these children could have parents who were also very wealthy. It is a disgrace when such celebrities as Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey travel to the other side of the planet to help children.

Educators need to know how to make a difference in the world. They should always take the time to help children with special needs. The pupils who suffer from autism and other illnesses should be treated with love and respect. People should not tease or pick on individuals who stutter or have any other speech impediments.

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