Painting a Hobby

Taking painting as a hobby can inspire you to use your imagination. To guide you, you may want to read some oil painting books, if you are a beginner. The essential thing to remember is that you already have the skill and you just need to polish it a bit more.

There are numerous oil painting books to choose from. Select on that is suited for a beginner like you. The book should show you the step by step procedure on how to start painting. It can be an instructional type of oil painting book or one that simply tells you all information about the art of painting.

In the beginning you will learn about the tools you need to start painting and where to buy them. You need a canvass in place so you can draw the subject on it. Then you may need charcoal to sketch your drawing on the canvass. You would need different kinds of brushes to paint. Depending upon the size of brush it has its own use during painting. You can begin with a few brushes that you need and later on get the other different brushes as you get to improve your painting style.

After that you can learn about paints and paint oils and how they are used. Begin with a few neutral and basic colors like brown, blue, black, yellow and red. You can mingle these colors together to form other colors. You would learn to do so once you get started on your painting hobby.

From your own imagination you can start. Most oil painting books could start you with subjects like a scenery, still life or probably just some combination of colors that come together to form an abstract painting.

In doing it all together, reading and enriching your knowledge about painting could be your guiding force to start it on the right path. You can follow the procedures on the oil painting book that you have and take it from there. You can polish your strokes by practice and you can use the brushes; practice on your canvass so you would get used to it. You can use some old flat board as your canvass to practice. You need to practice as often as you can so you would be able to see your progress.

In as much as you already have the talent and interest for painting, it is still an advantage if you learn more about it. That is why you need oil painting books to guide you. In these books you would be able to learn about helpful tips in the art of painting such as different brush strokes, type of medium to use, how to dry your color paints, saving tips and many other essential things that would be useful to you.

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