Pain Management -Toughening Up Against Fibromyalgia

Some people suffer from a chronic pain condition called fibromyalgia which is characterized by bouts of pain, general fatigue and soreness on different parts of the body. Even with chronic pain management, fibromyalgia patients are in constant war with pain. People with fibromyalgia sometimes have good days. These are the days when pain is minimal and they can do normal activities. Sometimes, there are bad days as well. These are days when the pain is debilitating. The pain is so bad that getting out of bed would be out of the question. Having to live with that condition is tough even just to imagine.

And it gets even more tough if one has children.

Fibromyalgia is a very limiting disorder. On normal days, it prevents you from doing many things other people can easily and effortlessly do like engaging in sports activities, hiking and dancing. On bad days, it can prevent you from driving your car, going to the mall, or attending a party. Of course, missing out on these things is quite a lot to handle but most people with fibromyalgia learn to accept these limitations. But what would you do if your child will sing in the talent show? A parent would know that to miss out on this one is completely unacceptable.

Parenting a child with fibromyalgia is not as different as any other kind of parenting. Children always have the same needs – love, attention, quality time and assurance. All these are never hampered by fibromyalgia. In every case, open and honest communication with your child is important. If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, it is important to tell your child exactly that. Try to explain it in a manner that your child can understand but assure him that it’s nothing to be afraid of. This is important so that when you can’t get out of bed, your child will know and understand. Be honest and tell him that there are things that you won’t be able to do because of fibromyalgia and that he should not be afraid to tell you whenever it makes him feel sad. Most of the time, children feel special when they know they are trusted and needed. An occasional “Can you help Mommy?” will definitely boost his spirit.

Always consult your pain management specialist for new techniques, treatments and therapies. Monitor your progress and do not be afraid to ask for help. Discover pain management techniques that work for you and learn to strategize. Conquer your pain by planning ahead. Be prepared for your child’s important days by saving your strength and taking pain medication even days ahead.

Do things which you can actually do without straining yourself too much instead of wasting thoughts on things that you cannot do. Find out which of these activities your child is most interested in and do them with him as often as possible. It is never about being the better or the best parent there is. Find comfort and satisfaction in knowing that your child is happy.

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