Pain Alleviation By Chiropractor Marietta

A chiropractor Marietta will be able to help you with pain relief for conditions ranging from ankle sprains to migraines. This type of care includes various therapeutic techniques that could improve your general well-being. Your therapist may include diet and exercise recommendations in the overall therapy plan.

Chiropractors deal with patients who suffer with problems linked to their musculoskeletal system. They treat the effects of these particular problems on the nervous system as well as on your general health. The main focus of these practitioners is the manipulation of the spine.

When you first visit the practitioner, you need to provide them with a complete medical history. You may be requested to undergo further lab tests. X-rays and CT scans play an important role in helping the chiropractor make an accurate diagnosis.

A normal adjustment procedure involves placing the patient in a comfortable position to allow treatment of the painful area. The person will normally be placed in a face down position on a padded table which has been specially designed for chiropractic therapy. The practitioner will use their hands to apply gentle, controlled force to the joint. During this procedure, you may hear cracking or popping noises as the joint will be pushed beyond its normal range of movement.

It often happens that the tension of a damaged joint causes the muscles surrounding the affected area to become tense. This will cause pain as well as discomfort due to muscle spasms. Your practitioner will use soft massage therapy on these muscles to alleviate your discomfort.

Your chiropractor may also use alternative methods of pain relief. This includes heat or cold therapy and acupressure. The use of straps, tape, and braces might be used for additional support if required. Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing, you may be able to find a chiropractor Marietta who specializes in a particular field.

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