Ovarian Cancer Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Ovarian cancer is a type of gynecologic cancer that originates in the cells of the ovaries. It is the fifth most common cancer in women. As a matter of fact, it causes more deaths than any other type of gynecologic cancer. Ovarian cancer is often goes undetected in its early stages and it is usually found when the cancer cells have already spread into the pelvis and abdomen.

There are several factors that increase a person’s risk of developing this disease. Women who give birth earlier in life are less likely to get this cancer. Additionally, the more children they have, the lower the risk will be. Women who have inherited BRCA1 or BRCA 2 gene mutation are at greater risk than those who have not.

Women with personal or family history of ovarian and breast cancer should be more careful about their health since they are at greater risk of developing the disease. Age is another major risk factor; most deaths caused by this disease occur in women age 55 and older.

Other symptoms can include feeling bloated even if you have not ate anything, along with diarrhea and constipation. These are all things you need to take notice of if you suspect that you may have this form of cancer. It is important to note though that even if you experience all these symptoms that they only way to truly know is to get fully diagnosed by your doctor.

In addition, a lot of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and health authorities will be playing their role by organizing educational events at public places and setting up health and information booths to spread more awareness to the public.

Ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly of women cancers. For 2010, it was estimated that 21,880 women in the United States alone would be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and at least 13,850 would died from this disease. It’s everyone’s responsibility to help raise more awareness, and aside from showing personal support by wearing the teal colored accessories, there are many kinds of events which can be organized to raise awareness or to raise funds.

This cancer can be hereditary, if any of your family have suffered with breast or ovarian cancer you should let your doctor know and always be aware of the ovarian cancer symptoms and signs. Ovarian cancer symptoms and signs are similar to those you would get with a menstrual cycle you may feel like it is not important enough to warrant a trip to the doctor, this can be detrimental to your health. Early detection of ovarian cancer may save lives! If you or someone you know is having any of these problems please get it checked out.

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