Outdoor Play : Tips for Getting Your Child Enjoying the Outdoors

Has it become obvious to you that your kids are spending a lot more time indoors than you did when you were a child? I’m sure most of you will answer yes, and this is due mainly to the development of electronic games and gadgets that won’t work unless they are plugged into a power outlet. But maybe there is something we can do to change the imbalance. If your family is reluctant to drag themselves away from the computer then we have a few tips to encourage them to spend more time outdoors.

The best thing you can do for your child is make outdoor play part of their everyday routine. Try having them go outdoors for half an hour as soon as they get home from school. Let them be aware that access to the electronic games or computer will only be allowed after the outdoor time has been completed.

Of course outdoor play by yourself is not much fun. If your child doesn’t have siblings then encourage friends to come over. But don’t forget that Moms and Dads make great playmates too. Think of it as part of your daily fitness regime. Not only will you benefit healthwise, you will also be making time to talk to and be with your child on a regular basis. Teach them how to play some of the games that you grew up playing. Trust me when I say your child will love you for it.

Having toys and equipment in the backyard will certainly help with encouraging children to play outside but none of that needs to cost a fortune. For toddlers something as simple as a sandpit will keep them busy for long periods. Older kids love ball games and bikes or even a hopscotch grid made with chalk and a few pebbles. If your yard is big enough then consider a outdoor swing set, trampoline or basketball ring. Don’t forget games like hide-and-seek that need no equipment, just their imagination.

We all know that outdoor play is important for a child’s development both physically and emotionally but it won’t happen unless we are willing to make some changes. Let’s make it a priority to get our children enjoying the fresh air again and we will all reap the benefits.

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