On your way to a flat stomach

Ah! The sun, the surf, the sand; this can only mean that summer is here and the beach are full of people wanting to show off their bodies. But the only people who will get most of the attention would the people with the ever coveted six-pack abs. People would drool over them and would even idolize them. A lot of money has been spent just to get that chiseled midsection.

In modern society, if you have the six pack abs, many would adore you and you get their full attention. Somehow, there is a stereotype for those have such a feature. These people are considered to be sexy or sex symbols. But it also means how healthy a person is because revealing your abdominal means that your body fat count is low. So maybe you’re thinking, it’s time to hit the gym and start revving up the sit-ups. So you keep at it until you get tired. But here’s the thing no matter what kind of ab workout you do without the proper knowledge you won’t get the six pack that you want.

So before you grab every ab workouts out there, let’s dispel some ab myths before you get discouraged or hurt yourself. First myth is that doing hundreds of sit ups will make your six pack stand out. This is known as spot reduction which means that you do sit ups for your abs thinking that it will pop out and show itself. Unfortunately, this is not true because fat is what covers up the abdominal muscle. The muscle will get stronger and look good underneath but until that fat goes away, your coveted six pack won’t show itself.

Another myth that must be corrected is about how often you must do your ab workout. People think that working the abs everyday would get that six-pack abs quickly. This is not true. This will only hurt your body and your ego because excessive exercise on any muscle would lead to injury due to lack of recovery. You must always remember that proper rest after exercise is needed to get that six-pack abs.

The last thing to know is that getting six pack abs will vary from person to person. Some will get it quickly than others. Genetics, age, gender, the ab workout used and diet will all affect how quickly you can get your washboard abs out. But it all really boils down to determination and dedication and discipline.

So now that you done reading this, get those shoes on and get to the gym. Your quest for those six-pack abs begins today.

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