Oh Those Painful Period Cramps

Many women suffer from period cramps. By some estimates over eighty percent of women will have some type of discomfort with their regular period, and most have grown to accept this as a normal course of things. Of course, there is no reason why this needs to be the case, as there are some simple, easy fixes to resolving or managing this recurring issue.

Researchers have found that the best way to combat discomfort is to use the body’s own, natural systems for pain relief, and they can be most effectively utilized during exercise. Getting moving may feel uncomfortable, but once the body is in motion it will produce its own, natural pain-fighting endorphins, which will make you feel much better overall.

Another solution is to simply enjoy some tea. Many teas, such as mint and chamomile, have been used for hundreds of years by many different cultures for that same reason. The teas help bring the body and mind into a more balanced, calmer state, and can do wonders in the area of pain relief.

Another great way to combat period cramps is through heat. Taking a hot shower or a hot bath can relax and rejuvenate the entire body, and make all of your muscles feel better. Using a hot compress or a hot water battle can also do wonders for pain relief. Sometimes, another simple remedy is to simply tie a scarf around your midsection, compressing the area and providing relief.

Another fact that many women may overlook is that during that time of the month, there are many important minerals and vitamins which can be out of balance or needed. For example, calcium is a very important nutrient that can help prevent period cramps. Getting more calcium than usual can resolve many discomfort issues.

Another important nutrient the body needs is magnesium. It is always best to avoid synthetic versions, as the best way to get magnesium is through various foods, such as fish, fresh raw veggies, and nuts. Taking a vitamin supplement isn’t bad, but synthetic nutrients can sometimes not fit the body well. There are, however, natural supplements on the market.

Businesses spend a lot of money in targeted ads to convince women that the best way to handle these problems is through the use of pain medication, however, this is not true. Overuse of pain medication can actually make the pain worse, not better. It’s always better to use alternative methods in controlling what’s most likely a recurring, monthly issue.

Suffering from menstrual cramps does not need to be an ordeal every month for the entirety of a woman’s adulthood life. While it is true that by nature, the female body goes through constant cycles that may always come with a measure of discomfort, by getting more in touch with your body and being more aware of your body’s needs, it is possible to make those cycles far more pleasant than they are.

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