Nutritional Supplements For The Eyes

Today there are a lot of different nutritional, herbal, vitamin and alternative supplements that have been suggested to improve eye sign as well as prevent development of ocular diseases. Some supplements have positive effects on human eyes, but still the majority of them can be toxic and have a destructive influence on the eyes. Americans are considered to be well balanced died and thus do not need any supplements. However, it is not so. While the majority of them have some benefits, care has to be taken because supplements could interact negatively with some other medications and even foods that are ingested. For instance, citrus increases the pharmaceutical advantages of cholesterol lowering medications while milk denies the positive antioxidant effect of tea.

Recent clinical studies have concluded that the majority of the evidence points to a stronger prophylactic effect of these supplements rather than a therapeutic one. With regard to age related macular degeneration, antioxidants and vitamin E are significant factors that affect the onset and severity of the condition. Some studies have concluded that the higher the intake of antioxidants, the lower the chances for AMD developments are. Aside from it, the intake of zinc has long been thought of and now has been proven to reduce the probability of pigmentary anomalies that are associated with drusen – a risk factor for AMD. People taking vitamin E have 13% lower risk of displaying AMD. In the majority of studies it appears that the nutritional benefit is in prevention if vision loss in those who has a moderate to severe risk of AMD. It appeared that the antioxidants had the greatest affect in prevention and that zinc worked just together with the antioxidant.

It has been found that the best combination to prevent vision loss is with the combination of the vitamins E, C, zinc, beta-carotene and small amount of copper. It is necessary to note that while these supplements help prevent the visual loss, at the same time they increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers that were predisposed to it.

Other supplements that are found to be helpful are such carotenoids as lutein which is considered to be helpful for filtering blue light out of the macular. Zeaxanthin is considered to be helpful in filtering out the light energy blue light from the central retina. At the same time beta carotene is considered to be vital in producing the rods and tear formation. Amino acids as glutathione are able to protect against toxicity. The other supplement is gingko biloba which is able to increase blood flow to the retinal tissues in proper amounts.

Regarding cataracts, lycopene be found in tomatoes and different tomato products. Lycopene is able to reduce the transformation of the alpha protein into the beta protein resulting in cataract formation.

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