Notable Features of the LG Spectrum Smart Phone

The LG Spectrum is one of the recent smart phones that the company has put out on the market as of late. A close look at the specifications, both hardware and software will enable you to have a better grasp on what the device can do on the long run in terms of video playback, gaming and other demanding graphical capabilities.

The first thing to consider whenever you look to purchase a smart phone is the speed and power of the processor. A screen protector that keeps your mobile device safe from scratches when being used. This means that your screen will not suffer too much in case it is exposed to edgy objects such as the tweezers, keys or other small objects which you put in your pocket. No matter what you need to accommodate along with your phone, you can be sure that at least the screen will endure.

Besides the sheer power of the processor, which in this case is a dual core running at 1.6 GHz, recent smart phones have began using better, more performance oriented graphics chips. The Adreno 220 is one of the most powerful video solutions at the moment and, embedded deep inside a case this chip helps to render all graphics that your screen displays.

Going back to the display itself, the LCD has 720×1280 pixels per inch capacity which makes it perfect for true HD content. The phone is even better and reliable and it is astonishingly clear with the iPhone 4S which is also among the powerful display that you can find in the market. In the terms of the video and the streams which are accepted, the Spectrum is now even unrivaled and it runs on the Android OS v 2.3 , the Gingerbread version is also known to support different kind of videos. Resolution wise, videos can be downscaled to decrease the amount of data, but, as we mentioned above, it can output HD resolution up to 720 P. This can even cover even the most demanding video lovers.

However, when it comes to HD videos, of great importance is the storage capacity. Unlike the IPhone which charges a hefty premium for offering an increased capacity, this phone has a built in 4 GB of storage coupled with a bundled micro sd which holds another 16 GB. It might not look so very impressive but remember, the phone can be fitted with card that can hold a total of 128 GB. This means that you can store more of 720 P movies and in case you may like to downscale, you will even have the video with a smaller resolution.

The 16 GB card that comes with the other LG Spectrum accessories will prove sufficient to keep your movies with you no matter where you may have to go. In case you consider to use more of the HD content; this means that you would like to use a better storage card, however in case you are just a moderate user, the 20 combined GB, can be proven to be just enough. You have also to remember that the phone is even power hungry beast and you can use it to playback everything you want.

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