Not Having Weight Loss Success

Are you not having success at achieving your goals of losing weight or getting in shape?

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  1. brushfour says:

    Don’t stress about food and calories. The cut in calories only has to be slight. Time and consistancy will create a large deficit and weightloss as you know. Picking up your walking, maybe only 15 minutes more per day, will also make the scale start to drop again. If you can clean up your diet just a bit, over time that will create a calorie defiicit. Get healthy fats and protein in your system plus fiber so you don’t crave junk. Join Steve’s site and you will have an angel on your shoulder.

  2. brushfour says:

    If you lost 35 lbs. in a year, then that is phenomenal The scale is not the whole story however. You’re waist measurments (if a male) and your hip, thigh measurments (if a female), should be taken as well. Sometimes you’re putting on muscle weight while you lose fat. The scale will stay unchanged but your measurments are in fact moving down. If you want the weight loss to continue, make another slight cut to your volume of food, 100 calories a day less of junk, and the scale will start to drop.

  3. taken me about a year to lose 35 pounds!
    i exercised every day and went on a diet. i would go on and of my diet but still eat vegtables and fruit but along with some junk and the exercising started to go on and off. now i try to get myself back on track and im not losing any weight. and when i dont lose anything i get discouraged and i just dont care anymore! and i think im starting to develop a problem because i stress over the calories i eat and feel horrible when i eat junk!

  4. jusblaze99 says:

    dude i feel ur pain…. FF’s RULE!!!! omg they are like my crack/cryptonite lol. ppl laugh when i say that, but 4 me its true, FF’s and Pizza are THE main reasons im fat (plus lack of exercise lol….)

  5. SuperDoggy99 says:

    It sounds like a psychological ‘hang up’ to me. If you started thinking of fries as “sticks of grease and fat”, and started associating a sense of nausea with them, you might be able to kick the habit. As with most Americans who lack discipline, it sounds like you’re being led by the pleasure principle–which never works, unless you change the psychological underpinnings first.

  6. ToughGermanWoman says:

    Guten Tag zurück. 🙂

    By chipped potatoes I simply mean you slice a potato into long thin pieces so they look like fries.

  7. Joeybsmooth says:

    Guten Tag,

    I have not even heard of chipped potatoes . But I will try it. Thanks

  8. ToughGermanWoman says:

    Have you already tried chipped potatoes? 100 grams of potatoes contain roughly 72 calories while 100 grams of french fries have around 170 calories. Slicing the potatoes maybe a little bit of work, but it’s just ten to fifteen minutes. You can roast them in a good frypan which doesn’t need oil to prevent scorching.

  9. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Good job. One day at a time.

  10. Joeybsmooth says:

    I will try Steve but it i so hard , I mean I don’t no what else is as good as fries lol . But i need to so something … Like today I ran 2 miles. I know it is a baby step but hooray me lol.

  11. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    You can have fries just eat less of them and eat them less often. Try just once a week. If eating chicken worked for you do that!

  12. Joeybsmooth says:

    Two quick questions.

    First I love Fries I mean I love them more then I would love my girlfriend if I had one . What can I eat in place of those ?

    And one I lost a lot of inches when I when to all chicken diet( lot of chick fil a) diet. It has been the only thing that worked for me.. should I try that once more?

  13. What are your sources for your claim that “DIET, NOT exercise is where you see the RESULTS…”

  14. BodyPerformanceTV says:


  15. thanks for this video 🙂

  16. shampoo02 says:

    Ya but swimming burns alot of calories . I mean alot , look at suffers and swimmers that do it all the time they are very lean , you can use your legs and everything when doing it with low impack to joints. Trust me it burns alot of calories.

  17. sexylisagirl23 says:

    The facts are 90 % of your results as far as body composition and fat loss goes, DIET is where that comes from NOT exercise.

    Look up MARK SISSON PRIMAL blueprint

  18. TSBoncompte says:

    No, it does not, but it sure makes you healthier, and stronger, and more able to lose weight… sure, you may say that diet’s more important, you may say that exercise is not important, but in order to lose weight in a healthy manner, you’ve got to do both…

    again, you rule, Steve

  19. sexylisagirl23 says:

    Just remember:

    Exercise does NOT burn many calories-not anywhere near what most persons think. This includes steady state , which burns twice the amount that sprints do.

    So you have exercise, which does NOT burn many calories, PLUS it makes you HUNGRY.

    Perhaps not right away, but eventually later in the day. This is true with both types of exercise, but especially with sprinting.

    DIET, NOT exercise, is where you will see the RESULTS for fat loss. Research proven.

  20. sexylisagirl23 says:

    Just remember, DIET (meaning fasting or calorie restriction) is more important than exercise for fat loss. That is where most of your results come from.

  21. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    People worry about bread to much. Bread is fine. Whole grain bread is better. Either way you will burn those calories about the same if you exercise.

  22. i had a quick question about bread. i know its a alot of carbs but is it easyer to burn it then anyother carb?

  23. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    It’s not that important as long as you’re eating enough during the day. Do whatever feels good. The most important things are 1. You workout You’re training intensely and consistently. 3. You’re eating enough.

  24. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    1. Don’t do as much cardio. 2. Do basic exercises. 3. Train intensely with heavier weights. 8-10 reps 4. Eat just a bit more at each meal or eat more often. 5. Try trainng eat much group twice a week. 6. Train consistently.

  25. sexylisagirl23 says:

    Sprinters do a lot of low intensity exercise. Tempo runs. Fact.

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