Non-Prescribed Contact Lenses

There are many contact lenses available today and many of them don’t need the doctor’s prescription. The common ones you see is perhaps the Plano which is considered to be opaque. Nevertheless if a prescription is not required to acquire these lenses, it’s highly recommended to still consult an optometrist to guarantee a perfect fit. Also, don’t expect these lenses to fix your vision problems.

Fortunately, non-prescribed contact lenses can be bought in many stores including those on the internet. Many of them are designed to enhance your eyes’ looks or even your general appearance. If you are attending a Halloween party, contact lenses suitable for these occasions are also available.

Contact lenses requiring no prescription can either be in an everyday basis or the disposable type. Choosing the latter can be beneficial if you want different colors to wear everyday. Furthermore, it gives you more time to do other activities since disposable contact lenses don’t need to be cleaned after using them.

Nevertheless if you prefer using the same color, then you can buy the lenses that are usable everyday. The main benefit with these types is that they can last for a longer period of time compared to the disposable types. But the longer durability can only be attained if you clean these lenses on a regular basis.

But doctors do not advise people to wear contact lenses that need no prescriptions. Without any monitoring from the physicians, these lenses may result to eye problems including blindness. In fact, there have been many individuals suffering from different eye conditions due to the usage of these kinds of contact lenses.

When an individual buys non prescription contacts without going to see an optician, they tend to forget the fact that contacts aren’t for everyone. The amount of tears, shape of the eye, and need for correction varies from person to person. To get the right fit, you must consult an optician, as he will need to carefully examine you.

Although it works great for many people, take note that these non-prescribed contact lenses are not suitable for everyone. Especially if you’re a diabetic, you need to be very careful in using these lenses as it can trigger eye infections. Eye problems can take a longer period of time for a full recovery. Precautions should always be observed when using these contact lenses.

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