Naturally Useful Ayurvedic Treatments For Weight Reduction

People wanting to lose unwanted extra pounds will be delighted with the range of effective Ayurvedic treatments to weight loss that are available to them. Their effectiveness is dependent upon your dosha type and as such the person should first establish their correct dosha before selecting Ayurvedic treatments to aid in dieting.

Eating incorrect foods in excessive amounts while not engaging in enough exercise to burn off excess calories is the main cause of unwanted gains. A good rule of thumb is to never eat more than you could hold in your cupped palms. Focus on eating regular meals at least four times a day to ensure that you do not starve yourself, as this will cause your body to go into survival mode.

In survival mode, every calorie consumed is stored by the body in anticipation of the next perceived famine. This is the reason why starvation diets do not work over the long term and usually result in excessive weight gain once the eating pattern returns to normal. A diet should be sustainable over a long-term period.

The vata dosha types need to eat warm, slightly oily foods that have a natural sweetness in combination with astringent foods. Try incorporating dates, rice and peppers into your meals. Pitta types should incorporate more bitter foods into their diets, ranging from bitter melon to dark leafy greens and arugula. Your typical kapha type should stick to astringent and pungent foods like hot peppers ginger and pimentos.

All doshas should include turmeric and barberry into their daily diets. Also, ingest a daily portion of trikatu, a combination of equal parts of ginger, pippali, ginger and black pepper. Tripbala is a combination of amalaki, bibbitaki and haritaki that is useful in all types.

People wanting to lose weight can also include ginger, bitter melon, mango, papaya, pineapple and dark leafy vegetables in their daily diet. Ginger can be ingested as a tea several times each day. Gotu kola, cumin, mustard seed, black pepper, lemon juice, salt and cayenne pepper should be incorporated into your regular meals to help speed the process.

Drink plenty of fluids to ensure that you are properly hydrated. Eat lighter meals in the morning and evening and a larger, heavier meal at lunch time. It is reported that your digestion is most active at midday, so enjoy your larger meal at this time of the day, when your digestive fire is at its most active. Vata types should engage in gentle sustained exercise routines like yoga, tai chi or various forms of dance. Pitta types are most likely to benefit from vigorous, more strenuous exercise like hiking or competitive sports.

Kapha types should engage in more vigorous activities. Running, cycling or swimming would be ideal for this body type. There are many effective Ayurvedic treatments to weight loss that are enhanced by regular, restful sleep. Try to get at least eight hours each night so that your body has time to replenish itself regularly.

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