Naturally Unearthly Alternatives for Skin Care

Change is the essential premise to both history and the skin’s natural aging cycle. The concern for premature skin aging and the overall health condition is one of the anchor points in our collective existence. It isn’t absurd then, that in an age affected to capricious technological makeovers, the most atypical and novel skin care solutions stem from the organic traditions.

Traditionally speaking, one of the most robust skin care treatments revisited so far is the Japanese technique of uguisu no fun or ‘powdered bird droppings’. Lead and zinc-laced makeup was a constant threat for the skin of 18th-Century Kabukis actors and Geishas, who came up with this very bizarre approach and kept it secret Apart from their excellent makeup-removal status, eventually, Nightingale droppings began to be highly valued as glowing skin and tissue-restoration enhancers.

The Beer Spa treatment might be another, more appetizing – but equally bizarre – solution for skin care treatment: among beer-loving countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria; you can find this Bohemian treatment spilled all over the place. The reputed high content of essential B-complex vitamins and yeast hops found in beer are claimed by spa owner to have among other things, thorough skin cleansing and nourishing properties.

Conceived in the European alpine region of Tyrol, a more humble approach has been conceived. Among affluent tourists keen on the spa treatment, Hay Sweat Bathing has been pointed out as a supreme reliever of stress. Ironically, a connection between the local farmers’ longevity and the hay they regularly carry on their backs is accounted for the treatment’s skin care benefits.

Skepticism aside, there are more skin care solutions liberally offered by conventional wisdom. Worn to moisturize the skin, vanish wrinkles and reduce the appearance of aging; placenta-based cosmetics are one of the most disconcerting and culturally nuanced skin care treatments yet. Nevertheless, the cosmetic industry shows real engrossment for this organ; with massive torrents of vegetal, bovine and human placenta routinely derived for their use on the account of its bio-stimulating properties.

Among bizarre healthy skin solutions, the most earthly are snail wrinkle smoothing serums.

Apart from boasting a long-standing relationship with the culinary arts, escargot secretions have been recently publicized as a wonderful supplement for the practice of responsible skincare. Dermatological studies have sensibly shown how snail slime – specifically in its facial serum and care-cream form – can help to prevent premature skin aging.

Boasted by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, the benefits of snail anti aging cream are not only restricted to anti-aging behavior; their skin regenerative and antioxidant properties are now being accounted for the treatment of keloid scars, sunburns, age spots, facial blemishes and sagging skin.

In the age of free radicals and pollution, when dermatological concern is not only limited to women’s skin care and anti aging skin treatments, the finest solutions are to be found perhaps in the least conceivable places.

Bioskinrejuvenation based on snail serum
and with two added natural ingredients that both inhibit and take away melanin
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