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  1. Lorax – your an inspiration…Tahnkyou!

  2. Deeeezzyy says:

    Lmao, good advise but its like..
    “oh evrythings lead on by industries making money, so buy my book 😀 ” 😛

  3. stephaniemoura says:

    thats so true thats why theres so many disease now days.

  4. alexapollo22 says:

    I also wear Alex Chiu’s Immortality Rings to help me lose weight. And it’s quite effective. I lost 3 or 4 lbs each week with the rings.

  5. Medicalalarmconcepts says:

    Thanks for the infor – Will definitely check out. I have heard negative things about High Fructose Corn Syrup. Feel free to come visit us & comment on our MediPendant!

  6. gvividheart says:

    Currently im using crevax. It is natural. It works even without following any diet plan or exercise.

  7. powercleansepro says:

    Lose Weight Quickly and Naturally with Power Cleanse Pro, click my name to see the Power of Colon Cleanse in Oprah and try it for FREE.
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  8. Isaachelric says:

    nutritionally, the world is still flat. mr. lorax has the right idea.

  9. LadiesBowlingForFun says:

    Do a search….look up Joey Petroni…he has stupid video’s, but he also has facts about High Fructose Corn syrup and how it causes health problems as well as hormones in milk. His site has comedy crap, but a lot of useful material in his more serious video’s on You Tube. Worth watching!

  10. Is expeller pressed bad for you even if it’s done naturally with no hexane???

  11. LarrysLive says:

    I am looking for foods that can replace the bad stuff. I love sweets pasta, ice cream, etc. See my video and if anyone has suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.

  12. auruba123 says:


  13. Clarissa2424 says:

    Thank you for the video! I just came across your page and will go on to view some of your other videos. Yes, I believe that the diet we consume today – as compared to that of my grandparents is significantly different. And even though, Medicine has made some great discoveries to keep people alive, there seems to be more illnesses, especially in the young population than many years ago. Our area just opened up a large organic store with non-toxin fed meats and vegetables. Will try it!

  14. rockergirl83 says:

    Well, you’re also you. What may work for you may not work for someone else. I find it a lot better for me to lose weight with strictly animal flesh than vegetables grown on farms and sprayed with pesticides. Meat only becomes harder to digest as you get older, but so do veggies when you get older. Otherwise there would be no “Beano” on the market.

  15. rockergirl83 says:

    That is exactly the way I feel. I love them so much I want to digest them.

  16. 1212Kitten says:

    for god’s sake people, if someone wants to eat meat they’re going to eat meat. You can’t guilt them out of it. Sure, killing animals and cooking them can be sort of gross but it’s a necessary part of a human’s diet. Ofcourse you can go without, but it’s not nearly as healthy as eating it. Everybody needs to just chill out.

  17. newjersey02 says:

    I doubt pork is 28 percent leaner, But the way things are done today is unacceptable.

  18. Ramble1212 says:

    I never eat “heathly foods” ever and I’m fitter and healther then everyone thats on those diets you can see my six pack

  19. oceanjessika says:

    you’re really cute

  20. delbert0504 says:

    well I love animals, I love to pet animals but I love to chew them more 🙂

  21. faithplease22 says:

    great vid. thanks for your kindness and speaking the truth

  22. diomedes39 says:

    vegetables and legumes do not provide the diversity or concentration of amino acids as meat does. meat is a natural and healthy food item that we have evolved to consume alongside vegetables. personally 2/3 of my plates are filled with vegetables and most times i get a salad on the side as well. i don’t eat many carbs except in the morning and after workouts. if you are worried about the fat todays pork is 28% leaner than 30 years ago and still getting better.

    + i’m losing weight too 🙂

  23. Diomedes-Not offended at all. Honorable people have been killing their own food for centuries. Of course, it’s not usually necessary because, in most areas, there are plenty of vegetables to eat. But on a health level? I think eating meat is one of the worst things you can do. It is 2nd-hand nutrition! 2nd-hand protein! Incredibly dense and hard to digest. Prone to becoming rancid or otherwise tainted. And I feel SO much better since going veggie; no acid-stomach and I’ve lost weight easily.

  24. diomedes39 says:

    i do not agree with factory farms. i agree with you on that; they’re disgusting. i do believe that i could kill my own food though; if that offends you i’m sorry. it’s just me.

  25. well, that’s a harmless enough statement. It’s pretty bad for the animal. Try killing the animal yourself. Look it in the eyes and cut its throat. Listen to it scream. Watch it writhe in agony. There is a hell of a lot of bad energy going on there, no? Of course you can get away with eating meat, dietetically speaking. But people are SO removed from the harvesting that they are asleep to the karmic effects. Visit any slaughterhouse or factory farm and you will go veggie that night.

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