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Natural remedies for anxiety

Say all you want about the value of natural herbal remedies, in my case they have done nothing. I have a doctor who is completely fascinated by herbal medicine. When I came complaining of chronic stress and severe anxiety attacks, he pointed me towards some natural remedies for anxiety. He started me off on some herbal pills, gave me meditations to do, and prescribed diet, exercise, and a good nights sleep.

Needless to say, none of it worked. Natural remedies for anxiety might be alright on paper, but in practice a lot of us need stronger stuff. I could not get the anxiety under control. I tried doing meditation for anxiety, but it only made things worse. Every second that I would have to sit still, trying to concentrate on my inner light, I would instead incessantly worry about all of the things troubling me. I would stress out about my job, my family life, and the fact that I was growing older. The natural remedies for anxiety seemed to only make things worse in the long run. They weren’t any help at all.

Even the herbal natural remedies for anxiety did not do very well. A common natural remedy for anxiety is Kava Kava. I started taking this and it worked, but I would have to take about three times the recommended dose. My doctor said that this was bad for me, and that in the long run it would make the anxiety worse. Nonetheless, I didn’t know what to do. All of the natural remedies for anxiety, you see, were so weak that they would only work in huge doses.

By the time he actually gave me some Xanax – which really helps – I had tried basically every natural remedy for anxiety that there was. I had tried apple cider vinegar remedies, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, natural herbal remedies, meditation, yoga – you name it and I tried it. May be the natural remedies for anxiety work for some people, but they sure don’t work for me. Once I get some Xanax, antidepressants, and psychiatric help, I was back in business again. I have always said that if God wanted us to use natural remedies for anxiety, he would not have invented medical tranquilizers. It looks like my experience has definitely proven me right. I think my doctor has learned his lesson, but next time I see him I’m going to make sure. No natural remedies is my rule from now on!

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