Natural Remedies and Cures for Your Kids

It is very true that children are hard to convince when it comes to taking medicines; but as parents you do not need to worry because you can give your kids effective natural remedies for their tummy pains, bug bites, and a lot more. Of course there are times that you become hesitant to give your kids prescription medicines after noticing side effects when they took them. The following old-fashioned, yet all-time effective natural cures will not only treat your childrens common diseases but also give you peace of mind.

Honey And Lemon Juice For Sore Throat.

Often your children tend to be extremely excited and shout a lot most especially if their cousins come over for a visit and all they do is play. Do to such exhausting activities, at the end of the day they some times feel sick and usually tell you they are having difficulty in swallowing and their throat is feels itchy. In these situations you can give your kid a slice of lemon to suck or prepare lemon juice for him to ease congestion. Honey is among the natural treatments that gives soothing relief for sore throat and cough. CAUTION: Do not give honey to babies less than 1 year old.

Baking Soda For Bug Bites.

Since kids like to explore a lot, they can get insect bites. A Simple remedy is to mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of water, make into a thick paste, and apply it into his/her bites and allow it to dry. Baking soda can be used for more than baking, cleaning, and disinfecting; it also has alkaline properties that ease swelling and redness quite easily.

Ginger For Car Sickness.

A lot of kids experience dizziness and vomiting every time they travel in automobiles. A physician can explain the tremendous benefits of ginger to end stomach contractions every time your child feels nauseous during long hours of car travel. If your kid is two years old or older, you can shred a small size ginger, boil with water, keep warm, add a tsp of honey or lime and give it to him as tea. It works best if you give this to your child 1 1/2 before he enters the car.

Cucumber For Mild Swelling.

Cucumbers not only make great salads or give you a wonderful facial, it also soothes swollen skin fast Particully during summer. Cucumber works great in mild swelling if you put them in the fridge, slice, and apply to the skin while it is still cold.

Cayenne Pepper For Nose Bleeding.

For a nose bleed, place your kids head up right, pinch his nose, dab a moistened cotton swab with a pinch of cayenne pepper into the affected nose and see how it can help blood to clot. Of course, let the MD do his part in giving you medical solutions to your kids’ sickness. You can usually find these items in your kitchen cabinets and use these natural remedies and cures whenever you want them; but if you are noticing that your kids’ situation is getting worse, do not guess and contact your MD immediately.

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