Natural Cures- A Safe and Healthy Alternative option to Drugs

Just recently I read a book on natural treatments and I was staggered by what cures have in store for various sicknesses and health issues.

We spend several thousand dollars visiting Doctor’s Hospitals and buying drugs for the most simple of health issues without giving a idea to the plain fact in regards to what complications the medicines could have. Actually it is sometimes found that the intake of one medication for a very long time could lead to a different health problem. While natural treatments do not have side effects.

For instance the intake of hormonal medicines for treating poly-cystic ovary can cause stones in gall bladder, at last leading to undergoing an operation for removal of Gall Bladder stones. Whereas mostly Poly Cystic ovary cases can be treated by following a suitable and healthy diet and reducing weight if the individual suffers from weight problems.

Likewise, mild cold and fever can be treated by boiling cinnamon, ginger, raw pepper, basil leaves and 2-3 cloves in water and then taking it hot with a bit of honey or mixing a spoon of turmeric in hot milk and drinking it, instead of taking a course of 3 Azithromycin 500 tablets. I'm not against medicines but I am in favour of natural treatments.

Natural Remedies are the best way to treat minor and mild health issues. In fact natural remedies can help in curing certain acute sicknesses as well. For eg- A small piece of raw Aloe Vera peeled and taken early in the morning on an empty tummy is very good for Arthritis Patients as it assists in relieving them from pain.

After all Ayurveda is one of the oldest strategies to cure sicknesses and is slowly restoring peoples ‘ religion for curing health Problems. Last though not the least Nature is God’s Gift and when nature brings an illness, it also gives a solution but leaves it up to us to explore!

We hope you found this natural remedies article useful and now feel confident to go out and pick your own natural remedies . Please feel free to visit our site at for some more great tips. Thank you

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