Natural Cure For Yeast Infection

If you have thrush you might want to use a natural cure for yeast infection rather than one from the doctor or chemist. In this article we will take a look at what you can use to treat this problem with stuff that is easily available from any good store, or you may even have in your home.

Thrush can be treated by oral or vaginal administration. Doing this at home is preferred by many people and there are some very effective treatments out there to try. A good one to begin with is Tea Tree Oil. It has antifungal properties and therefore is ideal for treating thrush. You simply need to put two drops onto and tampon and insert it into your vagina twice a day. It should only take a couple of days before it begins to feel better.

Garlic can also be used. A paste needs to be made up using garlic pods and then applied to the skin surrounding the vaginal area. You may notice it burns a little, but you will find it effective. Cutting up some garlic pods finely and putting them in a tea towel and inserting them is effective. Leave them in for 20 minutes then remove. Ensure you leave a little cloth poking out for ease of removal.

Yoghurt has long been recognize for treating thrush naturally. You just need to dip a tampon in plain yoghurt and insert it internally, before going to bed. Also applying the yoghurt to the vaginal area is effective as well as eating yoghurt, which is good for the whole body as it will clear up the fungus. Drinking buttermilk is also good.

Another effective home treatment is honey. This is a little messy however. If you take a half a cup of honey into the bathroom, sit on the toilet you then need to apply it liberally to the area that is infected this will work wonders. Sit for 20 minutes and then have a relaxing, warm bath. Get out the bath and dry the vagina thoroughly. Do this at morning and night and you will feel a lot better.

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent thrush treatment. Run a warm bath and add a cup of apple cider vinegar to it. Have a bath for 20 minutes and then get out making sure you dry yourself thoroughly.

You can also follow these simple precautions to stop you from getting thrush too. Try and avoid wearing tight fitting clothes too often, they encourage the bacteria that causes thrush to breed. Change immediately from wet to dry clothes and make sure you are completely dry before doing so. Perfumes and sprays, scented sanitary towels and tampons should also be avoided. General care and attention to personal hygeine and cleanliness is also important.

Following this advice will help you to avoid suffering from thrush. And we hope that you will find a natural cure for yeast infection in this article that should help clear it up quickly and effectively if you should get it.

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