Natural Cold Sore Remedies: Using The Magic Of Nature

You are sure to come across a number of cold sore remedies available today. You will come across numerous brands in any medical store. Nobody has yet discovered any kind of cure for cold sores despite exhaustive research; nevertheless, there are a few simple ways that will effectively reduce the full extent of the cold sores. If you are searching for natural cold sore remedies, there is a wide range that are very effective.

How to Prevent Cold Sores

It is not possible to put off an outbreak of cold sores but there are certain measures that can be taken to lower the frequency of the outbreaks as well as the duration. The possible causes of the cold sores include stress, fever, cold and menstruation. Because most individuals have problems with these occurences when they have a fever and sometimes even after you often hear cold sores also known as fever blisters. If you are looking for fever blister treatment, you will ought to look for a cure for cold sores; the treatment is the same.

Keep in mind that it is safer not to kiss anyone with a cold sore. Do not use the same towels or any other linen including bedsheets. Refrain from sharing a cup with somebody who has open sores. These protective steps will be effective for you to avoid type one herpes virus that brings about the cold sores. Cold sores are infectious, so exercising caution is the key.

Cold Store Treatment

Cold sore treatment will typically involve a host of products that could be as varied as a baking soda paste to a mix of grapefruit extract and water. there are several cold sore medications available today, as well as natural remedies you will see in your own home.

One of the best ways to make the cold sores go away is by drying them out. Use camphor to help with getting the sore to dry out in less time than most other cold sore treatments. If there is accompanying pain, you could have a go at placing an ince cube on the sore for a few minutes every hour. This seeems to delay the development of the sore and reduce the swelling,redness and pain. Zinc is also widely acknowledged to move the healing along. Green tea that is seeped with ginger powder also lessens the amount of time the sore is likely to last.

What You Can Do While Waiting For The Cure

Until there is a more lasting solution for cold sores, you will, in all probability, continue to be afflicted by cold sores. Anytime you sense the familiar tingle that indicates the onset of a cold sore, don’t waste time; immediately start whichever cold sore remedy is the most helpful. All treatments are most effective if started prior to the time that the cold sore erupts. Over the counter cold sore medications will typically be some kind of balms or ointments that helps soothe the itchiness as well as the redness. Natural cold sore treatments can be very helpful too. Remember however that staving off cold sores is the best treatment; try to avoid the triggers that often bring on cold sores.

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