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  1. CarolC2025 says:

    Dear Malena, You are a beautiful girl…You look alot like Rachel McAdams! Congratulations on your successful journey! I will soon begin my own journey and your video is such an inspiration! God bless you and your precious family!

  2. MegaFierceness says:

    Wow you look great! You look so much younger after the weight loss!! What type of wls did you have?

  3. caffeine1 says:

    ps- You look really great.

  4. caffeine1 says:

    You’ve inspired me to look into lapbanding. I start my medically supervised diet for insurance authorization next week.

  5. Wow u look amazing!! Your pics prove you were always pretty but you look so much more happier!!! Congrats!

  6. WonDerGurl1000 says:

    Have you been able to keep the weight off?

  7. krazy77grl says:

    Did you have much problems with hair loss???

  8. getinfiteasily1 says:

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  9. getinfiteasily1 says:

    Check out my profile and see how i lost over 60 pounds in 4 months !

  10. beautiful, such an inspiration! The lyrics to that song say it all.

  11. xboredBITCH says:

    You’re beautiful before and after (:.

  12. billiew164 says:

    it called ‘the real me’ by clay aiken

  13. and now ! te kraseevaya 😉
    cheers girl…

  14. stephy17099169 says:

    how the fuck did u do it cuz i neeed help

  15. malenamalena34 says:

    Thank you all for the nice comment. It beel a while since i have been on you tube.

  16. Wow! Great job!

  17. Wow…thanks…you look beautiful…before and even more so now! I just had my surgery 8-11-09.

  18. Oops, found the song on your credits. Sorry about that. I’m getting ready to buy his album from Amazon.

  19. What’s the name of that song? You look great.

  20. CAN YO SAY MILF!?? lolz woow you look great.. im starting my weight loss journey and this is really inspiring!!! BEST OF LUCK TO YA…

  21. missleelee21 says:

    wow u look AMAZING U beautiful before & after…. u look sooo happy in ur after pics u look full of life, u look Younger … u also made my day I am favoriting this video to help me along my weightloss journey!!!

  22. sweetsanity19 says:

    this made my day! thanks for the inspiration

  23. musicstar617 says:

    What surgery is this?

  24. BANDEDin2009 says:

    What an ispirational video…Thank You for posting it! You look Wonderful!! I pray that i will be as successful as you on my journey!!

  25. julimooon says:

    Congratulation for your new life! My Surgery is in few weeks and I hope soo much that my life will change like yours! 🙂

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