My friends all say I need a keratin treatment, you haven’t seen my hair

[I:]Overview Hair is made of keratin, just like nails. The keratin hair treatment replenishes hair with additional keratin, so the effects of chemical processes, such as coloring and bleaching, can be overcome. Hair can become dull, listless and frizzy due to styling, heating and coloring. However, the keratin hair treatment process can make it shiny and smooth again although the process has to be repeated every three to four months.

Keratin Treatment The keratin hair treatment was developed in Brazil and is also called the Brazilian Keratin Process. It is being widely used by professional salons around the world. First, the stylist will wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and then apply Keratin for approximately one hour. Unlike a standard chemical straightening or rebounding process, hair can be washed immediately after the treatment and becomes silky straight.

Should I Get Keratin Treatment? The Keratin hair treatment process is ideal for anyone who wants soft and shiny hair. If your hair has become rough and frizzy due to constant styling, then this process is ideal for you.

Why Keratin? Keratin makes up 88 percent of your hair. When hair is subjected to high temperature, heat and chemicals, it loses its strength because the percentage of keratin keeps decreasing. Now, when the keratin treatment is applied, it starts repairing the damage and starts making the hair healthier. The more you take the treatment, the healthier your hair will become.

Pricing The keratin hair treatment process is 100 percent safe and formaldehyde-free. It is not a chemical, rather a derivative of hair, and is essential to maintain hair. Depending on the salon you choose, the price may range from $200 to $300 for shoulder length hair. The price will also depend on your hair texture and the extent of damage.

Precautions The constituents of the keratin hair treatment liquid have not been approved by the FDA but the treatment does not include any banned ingredients. However, pregnant women should avoid this treatment just to be on the safe side. After getting the treatment, do not subject your hair to additional heating or chemicals for a few days. The downside of the process is that it is not permanent. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, you will start seeing waves within three to four months of the treatment and will have to take it again. It is important to choose a reputable, professional salon since it is important for your stylist to know how to administer the treatment properly.

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