Music Therapy – Relaxing Music to Yoga Music

Music has the power to cross borders and break language barriers. There are many of us who are fans of music, even if we do not understand the lyrics of the song. There is something about music that makes us feel good, makes us better and keeps us sane. Music is a form of self expression and it gives you an idea of how the writer felt when he wrote the song. It makes most of us feel better knowing that we are not alone and that people have gotten over what we are going through.

Soft music is music that is meant to relax and sooth. With artists from Andy Williams, John Denver, Mac Davis, Sade and Michael Buble, there is a calming effect with their music. It relaxes the mind and makes the listener happy and calm. Artists like Enrique Iglesias exude warmth and a feeling of protection with their songs.

Soft rock music has been one of the more well loved genres by people. It is not similar to rock where everything is loud. It keeps the melody in control and just right to make it lively and enjoyable at the same time for everyone to listen to. Artists who play this kind of music include Coldplay, The Fray and Kings of Leon.

Pop music, on the other hand, is the shortened term for popular music. Although not exactly soft, fans of pop music consider this genre as relaxing, too. Not every pop song is made for dancing, though. There are pop ballads and love songs that are definitely soothing. Popular pop icons include Madonna and Michael Jackson.

Yoga music is made to accompany yoga stretches and movements. It helps to relax the mind, body and soul to enhance the yoga experience. Artist like Prem Joshua, Adagio and Reema Datta have created some of the most beautiful yoga music, which is intended to create a calm, relaxing flow to go along with any yoga movement. Yoga music also includes spiritual mantras and chants, along with the music.

Healing music comes in many different forms. Depending on the person and what he prefers, he can be healed with rock music, if that is what he is in to. Normally healing music is the kind of music where you can relate to the emotion that comes with the song.

Relaxing music, as briefly mentioned above, is any song or instrumental that can help in the listener’s relaxation. Relaxing music may be soft songs with slow tempos or mixes of nature sounds, such as birds chirping in the morning. Healing music is the type of music that is mainly used for healing.

No matter what your preference is, there will always be that song, band or artist that will be able to speak to you through music.

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