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  1. Stuart Core is a god

  2. mackatoonarmy says:

    i wouldnt like to get in a fight with him lol

  3. dejanl0087 says:

    small chas for this gands

  4. rgs2654321 says:

    ah um a little juicy anyone? feelin a little juicy? lol still looks good brah ain’t hatin!keep it up watch the you know what’s though you know where look good outside but inside tsk tsk tsk…

  5. very sexy

  6. muscleflem says:

    Stuart isd simply massive in the flesh! Amazing competitor- great posedown at the uk finals- great bodybuilder! RESPECT stuart!

  7. joebear80 says:


  8. Halokiller6 says:

    lol. u got taht rite. and probably hes on steroids lol

  9. minkymoo22 says:

    big but very ugly!

  10. love his grunting sounds…he is so sexy and handsome.

  11. 20’s last I knew

  12. masalanyc says:

    he’s awesome – how old is he?

  13. its cause he’s young. he’ll grow a thicker neck as he tops 20’s into his 30′.

  14. Stuart is a god

  15. bigdogpainless says:

    amazin (if you r not on roids)

  16. Dragonheart999 says:

    Why the hell would anyone want to look like that, toning is so much better.

  17. mashamorgan says:

    Capable bodybuilder but is never dry enough, when he diets right could do well at the British finals !

  18. mscllvr63 says:

    Would love to worship those awesome muscles!!!!

  19. zakaria666 says:

    its to prevent hernia. mmm its like a bump that starts to build up in ur lower pelvis due to heavy lifting. thats why they wear the belt

  20. benjaminoa says:

    the belt actually weakens the core muscles if worn long term..only use it 4 heaviest sets

  21. ifranqui58 says:

    His neck looks too small in comparrison to the rest of his upper boddy.

  22. mikeymodavis123 says:

    well thats a lot of weight so the belt helps

  23. Delamere06 says:

    Let’s hope so

  24. lilben922 says:

    trained in dat gym before very nice

  25. gymdudeva says:

    I think maybe it helps prevent some sway of the lower back.

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