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  1. beyondunreal says:

    is the dude talking HIGH?

  2. iboogieboard says:

    I gave 5* within the first 10 seconds

  3. 99chevylr says:

    this one is going to my favorit

  4. 99chevylr says:

    wtf,,… man u are the fucking man, one damn day i will do that

  5. hope you heal up , wish you the best of luck,


    I love it when the guy talks it makes it so much better lol

  7. gamerofhell666 says:

    fucking beast…lol he not a man hes a machine ha

  8. vivekrgcet says:

    keith me from india bro thanks a lot for your abs video probably will follow it for the rest of my life

  9. Shawn11150 says:

    Keith do you drink Protein shakes? Or any kind of extra zing in your diet?

  10. laxwarrior64 says:

    ah thanks keith, i have tendonitis also(in my knee) which means no cardio for me!

  11. AZIONEnchilada says:

    ohh okay hahah

  12. Keith1985nYc says:

    Thanks Linus! No secrets =a) Just set goals, and conquer them! My current goal is to be able to do 90 degree pushups. Train hard bro! =)

  13. Keith1985nYc says:

    Lol, thanks man! I agree it is pretty funny…lol I didn’t know he was talking during my sets! haha

  14. Keith1985nYc says:

    Lol, nope the comentary is my brother, he’s just f*cking around lol. He’s straight, as am I but that doesn’t really matter =)

  15. Keith1985nYc says:

    Hey man! I plan on making a chest workout but I havent been able to train the past few weeks….apparently these arent too great for your elbows, I have a nice case of tendonitis. I will make one though.

  16. linus1993linus says:

    dude, ur a monster! your like the new Terminator, u gotta tell me ur secrets ^^

  17. myauramusic says:

    5 star commentary-absolutely hilarious. brilliant. i could listen to crap like that all day.
    sounds like lars ulrich on the booze.
    keith the machine!!!!,excellent sets!!!!

  18. AZIONEnchilada says:

    hes gay i think lol

    but theres nothing wrong with thats

  19. Randomvids18 says:

    not human!!!

  20. laxwarrior64 says:


  21. he should fight pacquiao first

  22. Randomvids18 says:

    you call that crappy , your a fucking beast!!!

  23. Bleuesoul89 says:

    how tall are you keith?

  24. sirdynamo says:

    holy shit your strong

  25. barnyardian22 says:

    hahhaha camera guy isn’t a human…. he’s a machine

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