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  1. tnblknfit says:

    Actually, chewing gum while working out and especially doing cardio helps you burn more calories *and* keeps your mouth from getting dry.

  2. tinysmallgirl says:

    Sexy Voice.god i hope he wears tight jeans to show off his ASS

  3. Beautiful body. Finally an AAG model who’s not a disproportioned freak.

  4. der hat nicht nur einen geilen körper, sondern ist auch noch sehr hübsch 🙂

  5. joshryker says:

    I’m amazed he can even chew gum and work the weights simultaneously. Really, is the gum that fucking tasty you gotta chew it like a grazing cow while you’re supposed to be looking sexy?

  6. regguy9876 says:

    If he spit his gum on the floor I’d pick it up and chew it to submit to his total manhood!

  7. one hot guy.. just wish he would not talk

  8. HotSexyHandsomeGuys says:

    Hey Tyler, you are one hot and sexy guy!

  9. He is fine!!

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