Muscle mass?

What supplemts would be good to stack in addition to "BSN cell mass", and "Muscle Milk"?

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  1. Nitrix, NO Explode are a great addition to you’re supplement regiment. Keep your rep range 8-12 for 3-4 sets per exercise. It’s going to take a while but you can get there.

  2. kre-alklyn creatine
    most potent creatine out there
    i love the stuff

  3. Um…. Let me suggest something.. You might want to give up the Muscle Milk when building muscle mass, and here is why…

    Muscle Milk has high levels of MCT’s, (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which are great for loosing weight when used properly, but are pretty much useless for building muscle. In fact, traditional 2% milk would absolutely crush Muscle Milk for mass building in any type of head on performance you want to compare it with…. And no one with proper education and knowledge in such manners would disagree with me on this, I might add…. You would be shocked at how powerful milk can add to your workout routines…. I mean where do you think they get all that Supplement Whey from anyway???? Yes, that would be from Milk… 🙂

    Also, several studies have proven even at the fundamental level that the Nitric Oxide approach to building muscle is completely placebo in effect… In fact, one study showed drinking coffee was more effective… Just thought you might want to know this…

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