muscle mass?

Can you gain more muscle mass in you drink milk after doing weight training?

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  1. Aizan Roslan says:

    Yes,it’s true.But it depends on what milk you drink. I strongly suggest you drink 2 cups of skim milk every single time you finish working out. This helps to gain muscle mass twice as fast. It is advisable that you drink skim milk instead of whole milk because skim milk contains very little fat or no fat at all. Whole milk will just make you grow big with fats,not muscles.

  2. snickerssatifies says:

    yeah, add a creatine program with that milk and you’ll bulk up faster

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  4. Yeah try rice or soy milk, because its quite high in protein. But skim milk is great too.

  5. Definitely. Milk and other dairy foods are great for this.

    When I was training I would make my protein shakes with skim milk as it increased my protein intake. It also made them taste better but that’s another story.

    Another trick I learned was to have a cup of cottage cheese right before going to bed. It tasted absolutely vile, but some hot sauce at least made it palateable. I found that when I did this I had less muscle soreness the next day and my recovery time was a lot faster.

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