muscle mass?

at my first 2 months at a gym, i lost 20 lbs, then lost a few inches off my waist. but, i checked the next 7 months, i have gained 10 lbs. but, my clothes still fit the way they fit me 7 months ago, even the belt fits exactly. i have checked my waistline, and is still the same.. is this really muscle mass? but i know this aint water weights, cause i already have cuts along my arms and chest…

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  1. What does I have cuts along my arms and chest mean? Do you lift weights? If you do then you should be able to tell if you’ve gained muscle mass by how much more you can lift. If you are just doing cardio then no it isn’t muscle and you havent progressed physically in the past 8 months. Sounds like you don’t know what your doing and you should go to a personal trainer and get him to set you on a program.

  2. topher17593 says:

    if you workout at the gym have a trainer check your body fat to see if it has changed since the beginning.

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