Muscle Building Workout For Bigger Triceps – Arm Workout

Who Else Wants To Build Muscle? Visit the links below. http This is a tricep workout that myself and Lee Hayward did while working out on vacation in Las Vegas. The small hotel gym we were training at had a limited amount of equipment (ie an adjustable bench, dumbbell rack, and some resistance machines). So this entire tricep workout is done using just dumbbell exercises only. We used the Positions Of Flexion style of training which starts with a mid-range …

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  1. christopher0223 says:

    should we do the exercises in superset (the one after the other with no rest between exercises) for the recommended reps, sets and rest time or each exercise alone?

  2. RampageREDDEVIL says:

    hey lee your the man anyone told you that you look like steve o from jackass?

  3. His muscles are bigger than his HEAD !!!

  4. pronation1 says:

    Hi, i’m 5’8 about 145 I was just wondering if anyone know a video that can show me a routine that can help me gain strength, i notice alot of guys around my height and weight feel stronger than me and they don’t even workout, i can feel there power when we play a sport, i been working out for about 15 weeks almost every weekday except weekends all i got is dumbells, my arms are getting bigger but i don’t feel stronger, i’m on a regular diet as i always ate, and taking no supplements help please

  5. ChesneeEagle42 says:

    feet shoulder with the part and keep elbow in.

  6. shuut up lacrosse ur gay

  7. lacrossefourlife says:

    the guy with the video camera is so fucking gay

  8. StreetFighter992 says:

    this is the exersise that i need for my triceps 10x Vince and Lee !!

  9. gunfight3r209 says:

    you said you can move your speed up on that first exercise its better to do it slow with good form it work it out better because you just move with your momentum with speed

  10. gtgtgtgtgthff says:

    hey im really now how to build a full triceps:) thx

  11. STiTypeUK says:

    love the cracking elbow on the overheads lol..

    my arms do the same shit.. anonying

  12. don’t you have to raise your deltoids more for the tricep kickbacks?

  13. TimeGod12 says:

    Yea my left arm cracks too after raising weights. Dont know why.

  14. 3TeensProductions says:

    do u take any supplements or proteine?

  15. greierusu1 says:

    a little before and a lot after
    thats the way its with all workouts

  16. turk4lyfesoa says:

    i agree

  17. turk4lyfesoa says:

    before you do this you should take some protein ?

  18. turk4lyfesoa says:


  19. aditij521 says:


  20. aschindler22 says:

    my left cracks everytime i raise my hands it doesnt have to have weight on it…mine doesnt hurt either its just kinda funny

  21. GaMeZTutS says:

    YES!!!! ALOT

  22. hiboostchosh says:

    You must masterbat a lot yes ?

  23. sneakvandal says:

    your left arm may not be as strong as your right so the weight may seem to heavy for your left arm.

  24. rcusmc123 says:


  25. UrbanOwnage says:

    Nice steroid belly

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