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  1. indian838 says:

    yea i can still see them, but its just weird with his huge ass stomach now, and yea it looks weird, the huge abdominal muscles!

  2. felipeillera says:

    Heyyy monte whats up whit your abs ..You look a little fat

  3. MadsBille says:

    What are you talking about? I can still see his abs… They must have grown. I think it looks awesome 😀

  4. indian838 says:

    dude what happened to your lean stomach? looks like your 3 months pregnant..(no offense) did you stop eating ur nutrition meal or what? but hey thanks for the exercises i’ll try them out.

  5. pteronurabra says:

    do we do three rounds to achieve 60 reps for each exercise? is that what he means?

  6. waffles12341234 says:

    nice video 5 star mate. :]

  7. chubbymedic1 says:

    BUT the thing is he can be that lean when he wants to be. Crap nobody wants to maintain that all the time. Pain in the butt.

  8. lestatesc says:

    I wish I could like him :)) but I’m just plain bloody lazy.. heehehe

  9. 4kingfreeno says:

    he works out his abbs way more than his lats and chess so it gives him a fat look

  10. sharartiangel says:

    yeah u r right but he’s not as lean as he used to be.. he has abdominal muscle no doubt about it but he dont have a clear 6 pack

  11. is it just me or is ur breathing correct for all your pushing exercises but its opposite for pullin lol

  12. thats because of his big abdominals muscles 😉

  13. PhantasyMan01 says:

    that’s what you should look like if you want to gain mass

  14. sharartiangel says:

    monte is looking fat

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