Muscle Building Potential – A Matter Of Good Genetics Or Not?

It is clear that certain traits are handed down to people by their parents and unfortunately your ability to grow muscles beyond certain limits is no exception. While you may be thinking that this automatically means ordinary folk like us would be getting the short end of the stick no matter what, it just means that some people are more fortunate but hard work will always play a large part in our efforts. Yes, there will always be some who would have more tangible results than others, but you can still maximize what you have and have a wonderfully sculpted physique once all has been said and done.

A somatype, or a natural body shape in layman’s terms, would be the main factor in determining how responsive we are to physical exertion. These body types are divided into three classifications:

The Endomorph

This would refer to people with barrel-shaped chests, short and thick necks and short limbs.

The Mesomorph

These are usually people with broad and powerful arm and shoulder muscles, well-sculpted chests and a low percentage of body fat.

The Ectomorph

These individuals tend to be slim and are usually tall with little muscle and body fat.

The ideal bodybuilding physique tends more towards the mesomorph with broad shoulders, narrow hips with arms and legs of medium length. Muscular fiber density and neurological efficiency are two other genetic-related factors that could determine the success in muscle building and muscle building potential of a person. Fiber density determines the size potential of a muscle while neurological efficiency refers to the relationship between the nervous system and muscles. This is relevant because, in all out effort genetically blessed individuals have the ability to activate up to 50% of the fibers in a given muscle compared to the average person’s 30%. And it does play a huge role in muscle building.

The fact that there is no easy way to measure fiber density or neurological efficiency is actually a blessing because the incentive remains for all of us to train hard and strive for improvement. Only a tiny minority of people have the genetic tools to become champions but the rest of you can go a long way to fulfilling your own personal goals.

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