Muscle Brothers Biceps Workout Part 1

Matt is building his physique in order to compete in bodybuilding competitions. His brother, Kevin, 19, is putting on muscle to play varsity football in college. They both have awesome biceps. Kevins are probably a bit bigger, Matts are more defined.

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  1. elbows back man no need to work the shoulder drop the weight if you have to put ur back to a wall to get it down

  2. Between the two of them, they sure do pack a lot of muscle! they do happen to be very nice guys, but I wouldn’t pick a fight with them.

  3. Hey fightingfoo2, I think what helps is that they are not competing against one another–Matt is looking to get big and ripped for contests, Kevin is looking for mass and strength for varsity football. And, of course, they’re brothers and happen to really admire each other’s accomplishments. Matt, the older brother, also happens to be a coach so he is a natural at helping out his younger brother.

  4. they must be great motivation for each other, both wanting to beat their brother

  5. Friends don’t let friends do that to their eyebrows. It’s even worse when you’re brothers.

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