MS Prevention Is Important For All Ages

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that strikes more than 400,000 people per year. Women get multiple sclerosis more frequently than men. The age range for this disease is between 15 and 50. Currently, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis and that is why MS prevention is so important.

The disease is debilitating because it damages delicate myelin covering between the nerves. This particular type of damage prevents the proper flow of nerve impulses. Consequently, the symptoms can be life-threatening or just mild.

For example, milder symptoms include extreme fatigue and visual disturbances. Moderate symptoms would include numbness in the extremities. However, life-threatening consequences will include breathing and spinal cord problems. The main cause of this disruption is inflammation. It eventually damages the nerve impulses because of the lesions that will not heal.

The lesions will eventually cut off the nerve pathway, which leaves the affected part unable to adequately function. When the nerves to the lungs are affected the patient cannot breathe properly without help. On the other hand, incontinence may develop if the nerves to the bladder are not working properly.

Researchers think that MS may be an autoimmune disorder. Other research suggests the disease stems from exposure to environmental toxins like pesticides and chemicals. No matter the cause, it becomes vital for people to realize how to prevent the disease.

People who live further away from the equator seem to contract the disease more frequently than those who do not. For this reason, some studies indicate that a vitamin D deficiency may be part of the problem. Therefore, taking the D supplements should be part of a sound prevention program.

Avoiding strong chemicals is another way to prevent getting this disease. Rather than using man-made products to clean the house tried to use natural products and bleach instead. In addition, avoid breathing gasoline fumes while refueling a vehicle.

Outdoors around the garden folks should use natural methods to repel insects instead of using toxic insecticides. Or, at least use gloves and a mask while working with these sorts of strong products. The natural alternatives are not only less costly, they are also healthier.

Another method avoiding this sort of nervous problem is to keep proper nutrition. The correct nutrition can provide a body with the ammunition it must have to resist illnesses like multiple sclerosis. Older citizens have dissimilar nutrient requirements when compared with younger people, so they ought to discuss supplementation with a physician.

Omega-3 and soy lecithin will also help protect the nerves. The best sources for omega-3 fatty acids include fish, ground flaxseed, and walnuts. The best place to get soy lecithin granules are at a health food store.

Beyond doubt, multiple sclerosis can be a confounding disease for doctors and patients since the indications can mimic numerous other diseases. In making a suitable diagnosis doctors will typically schedule an MRI to search for problems. Once a prognosis is confirmed the only real treatment that can be offered is to manage whatever problems the patient has. For this reason MS prevention should be important for all.

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