More Meals = Less Weight!!!

Don’t worry the correct diet doesn’t mean starving yourself, in fact the opposite is true, you need to make sure you are eating the right foods on a regular basis throughout the day (every 2 to 3 hours).

While your diet is a major factor in increasing your metabolism it is your Thyroid gland that’s the operating system that ultimately controls it and you will be influencing this with the food you eat.

The human body is amazing at adapting and will do everything it can to act as efficiently as possible.

Your body has one aim and that is to survive

Lets look at two scenarios:

1. You are eating very little food

The speed of your metabolism will determine how quickly your body burns calories. So it makes sense that if you are receiving a limited amount of calories your body will do its best to burn them as slowly as possible (slow metabolism) so that it is not in danger of starvation.

This is something that dates back thousands of years when humans were at risk of going long periods without food. Your body becomes more efficient at storing fat so it’s available to be used as energy at times when food is scarce.

Your body is still on alert and if it thinks that there may be a lack of food it reacts accordingly.

This is why people trying to loose weight by going on crash diets and hardly eating have very little success.

Not only that but you body is highly adaptive so it will become more efficient at storing fat reserves. This makes it even harder to lose in the future.

As you can see this is a vicious circle, all people are succeeding at doing by not eating regularly is making their body a super efficient fat storing machine!

2. You are eating at regular intervals throughout the day

While it may at first seem strange the best way to loose weight is to eat more (regularly)!!!

Eating every two or three hours shows your body that food is not scarce and that it does not need to worry about storing fat for starvation periods.

On top of this your body will actually be burning calories when it is digesting food. If you eat complex carbohydrates like vegetables (a great source of slow release energy)  along with protein rich foods that are chewy like beef, pork, and chicken  your digestive system will be working hard (increasing your metabolism). Your body will not have to store fat as food is plentiful.

Of course you need to choose what you are eating carefully but if you increase your metabolism by eating regularly you are on the road to weight-loss.  

Please bear in mind that a good diet is one piece of the weight-loss puzzle, you will also need regualr exercise.

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