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Diabetes mellitus has been the usual illness that impedes U.S. citizens’ life. An estimate of 16 million were traced to have diabetes and most of them, around 5.4 million are not aware about this common illness. For the past century, diabetes was found out that it highly increased among Americans. Based on researches, diabetes is one of the common factors that causes United States’ death rate annually. Aren’t you aware about that? Why do we have to wait to be diagnosed first before we start preventing it and be sorry after all? Take time to read this full article to become more aware about diabetes, its causes and how we can prevent it.

Every person has a hormone which is called Insulin, that if our body did not produce enough of it will direct you to diabetes. Insulin plays a vital role by means of converting starch and sugar into body energy. Frequent elevation of blood sugar or glucose is already an indication that you have Diabetes mellitus. Glucagons and insulin aid our system to maintain our blood sugar or glucose at a normal state. Our liver produces glucose with the aid of glucagons which will go directly to our body cells towards to our blood that creates power to our body.

Here are the various types of diabetes:

1) Type 1 (Diabetes)

2) Type 2 (Diabetes)

3) Gestational diabetic issues

1st and 2nd diabetes type impede a person’s normal existence. If glucose’s break down ceased totally, proteins and fats become the only options to supply energy for our body. Because of this abnormality procedure in our entire body, symptoms like frequent peeing (polyuria), polydipsia (severe desire), polyphegia (rise in appetite), and extreme weight reduction are the typical symptoms that you might observe to those who have diabetic issues. The normal blood sugar of a person only range start from 70 milligrams up to 110 milligrams/dl at going on a fast condition. The term used for blood sugar less than 70 milligrams/dl is Hypoglycemia while blood sugar that is more than 110 milligrams/dl is Hyperglycemia.

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