Monitor Your Body Fat Percentage With 5 Simple Steps And Lose Your Body Fat Fast

Just as you follow some basic steps to set your goals and plan to achieve them in every activity in your work and personal lives, you need to follow same principles if you want to monitor your body fat percentage to your satisfaction. Stay on track and monitor your body fat percentage by following the 5 simple steps explained below.

1. Get To Know The Fat Requirements For Your Body.
You need to understand that our bodies cannot function normally without some essential fats.The required levels of stored body fat for average individuals is 18%–25% for men and 25%–31% for women. More than this will push  you into overweight or obese zone. If you are an athlete, sportsperson, weight lifter and the like then the fat levels could be lower at around 9% for men and 17% for women. Older people will have more fat because of the slowdown of their metabolism. Be sure to take into consideration these figures while setting your fat loss goals.

2. Determine The Process To Measure Body Fat.

Earlier, bathroom scales and body mass index calculators were used to calculate the body fat. But now we have home body fat scales, body fat calipers, hydrostatic weighing and simple softwares  available to measure body fat. The softwares available are both online and desk top versions, which ask you to fill in data about your height and some body measurements and then display your body fat percentage.

None of the methods suggested above can guarantee total accuracy of the results. While the hydrostatic weighing is rated to give relatively more accurate measurements, the skinfold calipers are considered to be the most cost effective. The softwares mentioned above are available in a wide range and hence their accuracies also vary. Choose the one that suits you best in terms of the accuracy you need for your fat loss program.

3. Develop An Action Plan.
This stage involves setting realistic goals for reducing your body fat percentage, preparing a road map to achieve those numbers, setting up milestones, choosing the right measurement process and tools and putting down all these into a meaningful and easily manageable fat loss program.

Spend enough time to collect all the data you need to make the right choices and prepare a suitable worksheet to note down and monitor your progress on a regular basis.

4. Record Everything Concerning Your Fat Loss Program
Do not ignore this crucial step. Write down your goals, the step by step measurement of body fat, the milestones and how you are going to keep track of changes to your diet, exercises and the overall progress. You will be forced to keep referring to these repeatedly as you march towards your fat loss goals.

5. Check Your Progress Periodically.
To ensure that you are on target you should check your progress from time to time as laid down in your action plan. If you are not satisfied with the progress you are making then make the necessary changes to your plans and record the changes systematically. Remember, making changes and testing is part of the exercise to reach the desired levels of your body fat percentage.

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