Mon 10/19 WLL … Starting to Exercise: Be Gentle!

do you have for beginners? I hope some of what we have to say this week helps y’all get INTO GEAR and get exercising! Link to the Couch to 5k (c25k) running plan: ME ***** WEIGHTLOSSLOSERS Get involved. Get motivated. Get to GOAL! For WLL news, follow us on Twitter: See you next week! ***** … wLL antishay tbossbone MisNatt85 ceramicheart150 junkinthetrunkk fingerpaintsmile msixpackabs …

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  1. matthew5and9 says:

    I am hitting the treadmill today for 40 minutes. My Zune is set to really get it going. What eating tips do you have? In the morning, I’m doing a Slim Fast drink, then for lunch one of those frozen Lean Budget meals and a piece of fruit or a salad, finally for dinner I will do whatever is in the house or a turkey sub.

  2. UltimateAnonymity says:

    I’m the same way I have to get my mind and my food into a habit first before I can incorporate exercise. I have to ease into it and then I want to do it more and more. Great tips! Btw: a 5k is 3.1 miles 🙂

  3. limkloosterboer says:

    God I hate that “babystep” thing. OK if it works for ya, just not my style. A lot of people whom are more than 15 kg overweight with not such a good condition should start out with about 20 min of cardio, but should try to do every day. Then picking a comfortable excersize, whatever floats your boat the best and push yourself to 30, then 40 minutes. Take about a month or 2-3 to get to that point. But remember that excersize might make your weight not go down for a while or a period.

  4. MissLici82 says:

    Hi Shanti! Just a quick question…I am wondering what the easiest way to measure your runs would be with this couch to 5k plan? I think I remember you starting on the treadmill with your runs way back when but I take my dogs out for runs in the park. What do you think the easiest way of measuring would be?

  5. I was going to ask the same question! lol.

  6. AnthonyNews says:

    exercise can be fun if you listen to music while you workout******

  7. really wow cool i feel better now you said that

  8. Shanti this is wonderful advice i was just going to post this up on my vids as well ive been slacking off for a month now since school started really and tryign to finds ways back into it
    Yes baby steps your right
    im down with ya
    Thanks diva
    very encouraging ill be talking about this vid on my vids cause what you said is an inportant key to this battle
    God bless

  9. Love your nails!!!
    What brand and color? (If you don’t mind my asking)

  10. soylaunica76 says:

    Great video needed this info because I am finally starting to exercise 🙂

  11. KimeePlus2 says:

    Excellent tips little lady! Thank you for sharing them. 🙂

    I started working out for 15 minutes at a time because that was pretty much all I could handle and over time, I came to enjoy pushing myself just a couple minutes further if I felt that I could. It made all the difference in the world and now I’m working out a LOT more and actually enjoying it.

  12. maggyruth says:

    5k=3.1 miles

  13. healthygains says:

    5 k = 3.1 miles

    great advice!!!

  14. MissModelesque says:

    Great advice 😉

  15. TheLazyLillypad says:

    Great tips Shanti – thanks!

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