Mon 01/11 WLL … Rewards – Reasonable Cheat Days… and Being Proud!!

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  1. JustPris702 says:


    <3 PRiS

  2. natalieshawn23 says:

    hi shanti, i hope you feel better. πŸ™‚
    i was just thinking yesterday, that i’m going to start listening to your 2009 vlog playlist again. (I work from home, and i like to listen to something while i work). I’ve been having a hard time getting on track after the holidays, and your vids are so inspiring. they make me want to go out and by healthly food. i also love the one vid where you play the tina malia song, with all the shots of your food. well done! thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  3. megandelight says:

    feel better soon x

  4. queenie1972 says:

    Hope u feel better soon shanti πŸ™‚

  5. Jazmine375 says:

    I’ve been hiding in my room for 3 days cuz my roommate came back sick from Xmas with his family .I told him DON”T BREATHE ON ME! LOL So far, so good.. of course, the fact that it’s about 20 farking degrees in FL this week doesn’t help..arrrgh. I hate the cold! LOL I’ve never done the reward thing..I just do the way I’m supposed to eat..see the progress I’m making..and I’m good with that. When I get to 250 I’m buying a new mountain bike..but I may just get one b4 that :OD <3

  6. abhishekh14 says:

    i just go a day without exercise thats reward enough for me πŸ˜›

  7. msbrazilianbombshell says:

    How about non-food related awards?

  8. journey265 says:

    i like the idea of your exercise calendar… i need to start doing the sticker thing again!

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