Methods to do a Cartwheel

Performing a cartwheel can be disconcerting at first but having the right methodology and building the right skill and flexibility it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. But by following this article you’ll know how to do a cartwheel.

In making an attempt to do a cartwheel it is good practice to always remember that safety should be the first thing to think about Having somebody to have a look at you in case something goes wrong is imperative especially if it’s your first time in making an attempt to do a cartwheel. Next, mats should be used to stop injuries and to soak up the impact in the event of a out of control fall.

A cartwheel is a handspring in which the body gets upside down with the legs and arms spread like the spokes of a wheel. This indicates that correct upper body strength is wanted to successfully perform one. Start practicing cartwheeling by literally putting some of your weight on your hands. Do it by placing both hands on the floor. In this position, try and raise one leg as high as you can do. This may give you an idea on how a cartwheel would feel and how it is going to be done.

To begin building your skill for the cartwheel, always recall that you will need momentum to tug one off. Start with a two stepped jog; remember the leg you used to start the run will be your leading leg in performing the cartwheel. From here, progress to transferring the momentum to your leading hand, the number 1 hand is the same hand of your leading leg, if your right leg is the leading leg then your right hand will be the number 1 hand.

When you’re ok with this movement, try to bear some weight on the trailing hand, in this example the left hand. You’ll have to raise the trailing leg to do this. Here’s where our first drill comes in. When you’re able to try this simply, it is going to be a matter of transferring momentum from one limb to the other then landing on your feet. It is quicker said than done and practicing and mastering the opening drills is vital to complete the cartwheel.

Having someone to hold your legs, while attempting the final phases of a cartwheel, will seriously enhance your methodology and confidence. Remember that doing a cartwheel is all about momentum transfer and only by practicing will you be able to perform and perfect it. Safety first! Never attempt one without someone to watch you and never attempt it without a mat when you’re beginning. Of course once you’re proficient you can do it without these.

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