Mental Game Keeps Shopping Instincts Intact

Shop until you drop. She is a shopaholic. These are a couple of expressions bandied about in the past decade. That is because shopping (also known as centros comerciales in Mexico) became a predominant sport during the first decade of the millennium. With easy credit, everyone took to the mall and what a time it was.

The world is now in a different mode. The malls are looking a little woebegone, no one is bragging about how much the spend on shoes or handbags. Those that can spend are being a little more discreet, those who have to live on a budget, or without credit cards, are being more low-key.

There is a game that is played by those who believe in the Law of Attraction. In it, you place a one-hundred-dollar bill in your wallet and leave it there. With this money, you mentally spend it all day. You think of everything you can buy with that one hundred dollars.

Go anywhere your mind takes you. Shoes, toys, books, food, mentally consume it all. After all, it is available to you. Instead of buying the first thing you think about, have fun imagining all that you could buy. Roam the mall, peruse the Internet. Let your imagination run wild. Be the kid spending his birthday money. The good news about imaginary spending, no returns.

If you are wondering what the point of this game is, it is about mood. It will keep you out of the poor me mindset. You will leave poverty awareness and enter into abundance. You can still go shopping. In fact, you have a certain freedom. With you one hundred dollars, you can buy things, you can have lunch in a nice restaurant, if you really want to.

If Internet shopping is your thing, even better. You can cruise all the designer stores, jump around like mad, seeking the best price, the best offering, loading up the carts in various stores all without attracting attention from sales clerks or other shoppers. You can then leave the store, your cart intact and return to revisit your choices. You have shopped. You still have you cash on hand because you are learning how to be a more nuanced shopper.

The day may come when you actually do spend your one hundred dollars. But it will most likely not be on something that you do not need. You will have thought long and hard about what you really need or desire. This will give you a sense of purpose. You have not bought on impulse. You have learned discernment, a practice of the wealthy.

This game gets you out of the house and keeps you from focusing on lack. You do have cash on hand, you are not impaired. It will keep negative thoughts from overriding your mind. When the day comes that your budget is healthy, you credit cards are balanced in your favor, you will be back to the stores, shopping. Meanwhile, you have learned something about yourself. You know what you can live without, you recognize all the purchases you once made that failed to satisfy. We have all been there.

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