Medical Marijuana Patients in the US Now Number One Million

With Arizona Medical Marijuana ID Card patients now numbering over 3500, the total US registered legal medical marijuana patient number now stands over one million.

If you have over one million people utilizing one half to one gram daily of medical marijuana with an average price of $320 an ounce, the income totals between two and six billion dollars per year. The sixteen legal states plus DC comprise over twenty five percent of the US, so a complete US legalization medicinally would total over $10 billion annually.

With some states having legal dispensaries along with pretty much all medical marijuana states allowing patients to grow their own marijuana, the total amount of product is substantial. Adding it all up, somewhere between 550,000 and 800,000 pounds of medical marijuana are legally allowed in the US.

It is amazing to see that after one million patients and all this time, the dire predictions that were put forth by medical marijuana opponents never turned out to be true. In virtually all medical marijuana states, workplace accident and injuries have gone down, and quite a few states are seeing their lowest fatal crash rates in many years.

Here are numerous facts regarding medical marijuana.

* In the sixteen states with legal medical marijuana, there are over 90 million US folks (including DC), which represents somewhere around 28% of the US population

* Patients make up over 3% of Montana, 2.5% of Colorado, and 2% of California. Oregon is slightly over 1%.

* 6 states including CA, CO, WA, MI, OR, and MT comprise 98% of the US patients.

* Monthly marijuana teen smoking is decreased in all medical marijuana states besides Maine

* Incidents of work place injuries and accidents have been reduced in all states with legal medical marijuana.

* All medical marijuana states besides RI have seen a decrease in annual highway fatalities.

The great news is that more and more states each year are legalizing medical marijuana to help debilitated patients alleviate suffering. It is now a great option for quite a few disease conditions and symptoms where traditional prescription medications are either inadequate or intolerable.

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