May Be The Affirmation Approach Purely A Personal Approach?

Have you always been fond of affirmations? Have you often heard people say that affirmations work for them? Or are you one of several skeptics who cannot appear to believe anything about how exactly affirmations work?

Whatever you believe in and anything you think, you have to know about how statements and affirmations work and no matter whether affirmations are actually a purely personalized approach.

Are affirmations a personal approach? There are two views on this matter:

The first view is about the positive. Psychologists assume that affirmations and the technique of affirmations is purely an individual approach. It is an approach that individuals do in order to make sure that their days will begin good and actually great.

For instance, when you say to yourself that you are beautiful in the morning, it’s got a different effect than when somebody else says it, especially when you could have low self esteem. People with low self-assurance often do not believe the actual compliments, although positive, that others say. Therefore, affirmations and the road towards success of the affirmations generally work from the inside and and this the positive view entails.

Second view is on the negative side that affirmations are not a personal approach and that there is a need for individuals to have the support that they need for affirmations to work.

For example, when people say something positive about somebody else, it affirms anything within them that will helps them go forward with their problems and believe the things that they need to believe in.

An excerpt from Scientific Healing is saying that “Man’s word is Spirit within man. Spoken words are sounds occasioned with the vibrations of thought processes; thoughts are vibrations sent forth with the ego or with the soul”.

This means that individuals often need the words of others to sent positive thoughts and vibrations to the soul of others.

Where Do All of us Stand Now?

Finally, the question concentrates on ‘where do we stand now’? Since we know the two opinions on affirmations, where do most of us stand? Well, the answer is just it depends. People have different personalities and still have different beliefs. Therefore, there are different effects in terms of people and affirmations.

Hence, if affirmations are not working for you right now. Remember to give it time and you should see a difference when you put your mind and soul in it. Things, even the effect of affirmations, often take time, always keep this in mind.

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