Massage and Scientific Research

Massage is generally considered an enjoyable treatment. Suffice it to say that body massage London isn’t just for pampering purposes. New studies are constantly proving the worth of massage and its various forms and there is enough evidence to say that this is a naturalistic form of medicine which can help change the way your body behaves.

Massage London can help heal sicknesses- One of the major fascinations scientists were having about massage was its ability to provide cure from sickness and general illness. Massage eliminates health risks because it improves immune function and reduces risk of cancer. Massage even turned out to be great for children with asthma.

Massage has also helped people with various muscular issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. Massage really helps when done regularly and people who took this therapy experienced increased grip strength. Massage was given to small babies and it helped them gain weight.

Healing given through massage is from deep inside and its not just based on relaxation. The American College of Physicians recommends massage and so does the American Pain Society for low back pain treatment and much more. Book massage London session online with Pearl!

Proven benefits of massage have only recently come up through research while previously there were only theories. There is release of toxins which improves circulation and one study actually found that 45-minute massage led to a small reduction in the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Decrease in cytokine proteins after massage also helps with allergic reactions and inflammation in people.

You can also get a boost in white blood cells through massage therapy so your body is able to fight infection and disease. About $2.7 million have already been spent on massage research by The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

All the scientific data that we can see now has been a result of this research. The idea is to make massage so standard that even insurance policies can cover it – something which only happening in Washington, United States at the moment. Even other insurers like WellPoint and AET are now offering alternative plans and discounts for massage therapy even though they are private insurers.

One of the widely available massage London technique happens to be Swedish massage which helps with pain as well. It is a full body massage which involves deep tissue strokes that result in relieving pain from sports injuries and many other problems. People who suffer from symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee can also benefit from Swedish massage. Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis with a good massage session!

PEARL London is a stress relief with body to body massage London for discerning ladies and gentlemen. It is the best naturist massage London company in the London Capital.

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