Mark Sanders Tampa Florida A Man With Extraordinary Plans by Ryne Nielsen

A Biography tells life events about someone. Mark Sanders in Tampa Florida has a biography that tells many things about events in his life. However, the words he is best known for are integrity and honesty. These words are never spelled out within the text of his life, but his beliefs lay consistently behind his deeds.

Integrity that follows a man from one business to the next has been incorporated into a belief system. This means it becomes the fabric of the man and this is consistently a part of Mr. Sanders business ventures. A characteristic that often comes with integrity is honesty and men who have spent years working with Sanders testify undeniably to these traits.

In nineteen hundred and sixty seven, Mark Sanders is from Tampa but was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. His life was full of people and interests in business and marketing. At the age of fourteen he would go with his grandmother into the community to sell watermelons. After the season was finished, he continued his efforts selling products to neighbors by knocking on doors.

Repairing and installing appliances was another of Mark’s passions. He would frequent Circuit City and one day a customer asked for delivery and installation service. Circuit City at that time in the early 1980’s did not offer installation service. Without hesitation, he responded to the customer’s need. After arranging for a ride to the residence and installing the appliance, he continued his in home installation service idea which soon incorporated trucks and other team members to work at the job.

Soon the small business grew and became a valuable asset to Circuit City. He was only 17 years old when he sold the recently developed side business to the national appliance center. He had built the delivery and installation enterprise with a few trucks and hired several men to work the business. The job opportunity continues today in Circuit City’s service for customers.

The same year Mark sold the delivery and installation business, he began another small company called Lube and Oil. Soon he helped to develop a new mobile oil change technique that became patented and he sold that new business to Quaker State. This new lube and oil technique evolved during the last year before Mark graduated from high school.

His ideas and accomplishments continued after college graduation as he spent twelve years with Horizon Foods and it was then sold to Omaha Steaks International. After the business growth and success, he developed a new cooperative distribution line for another beef company. The new co-op included ten beef ranches that provided a new product line for the company and many new jobs for local men in the business.

Mr. Sanders continually found new ventures and as he embarked upon each, he always worked with a team. Today Mark Sanders in Tampa Florida has established a new realty business that offers opportunities for investors with turnkey properties. The homes are sold to buyers and the investor’s make money through the mortgage investment. The REO properties are sound investments and the homes are affordable to those making purchases. The work of the company brings stabilization to communities and homes are sold to deserving buyers.

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