Many Lexington Headache Sufferers Find Relief Through Chiropractic Care

A temporary headache is just that. It may last an hour or even a day but eventually disappears. If you have a headache that lasts a number of days and is not allowing you to carry on your regular activities, professional help should be sought with a Lexington chiropractor.

In order to find the type of headache, and its cause, the chiropractor will want information about a possible origin such as a special event. He will also need to know your medical history, everyday activities and other information. This will help him determine the cause of the pain.

Questions you will be asked include, when the pain started and how severe it is(scale of 1 to 10). They will also ask the name of any pain medication taken and if it helped. With your answers to these questions, an examination and x-ray, the cause of the problem will be revealed.

There are 129 different types of headaches, as classified by the International Headache Society. Of these types, the most prominent are muscle tension, migraines, joints and systemic. Muscle tension is from the muscles, migraines from the blood vessels, joints from the neck and systemic from fever or low blood pressure. With the chiropractor’s vast experience, he will be able to pinpoint which one you have.

Muscle tension and migraine headaches can often be traced to stress. This is why the chiropractor will want you to relate your daily activities and ask if you have any stressful situation going on. If so, in addition to taking care of your pain, he will outline some stress relieving suggestions.

You may not know the cause of your blinding headache, but just know it is painful to hear loud noises or make a sudden more. The Lexington chiropractor has developed therapy procedures to relieve this pain. It may include several different techniques. In any case, he will work diligently to make your life pain free.

A Lexington chiropractor offers effective and sensible relief from headache pain. You can learn more about chiropractic benefits by visiting the web pages at now.

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