Managed Dedicated Servers – A Revolution in the World of Server Hosting

Server refers to a computer system which hosts several files or information, and is simultaneously accessible to everyone connected through the network. In other words servers are an integral part of any office, where several individuals are required to access the same information. Here the server acts as a storehouse where different files are stored for common access. Web hosting services or internet hosting companies provide servers to other companies enabling the business organization to reach out globally via internet, and thereby increase their profitability.

There are several web or internet hosting services provided by many organizations. These organizations offer a wide range of hosting alternatives, appropriate for use for individuals, business or recreational purposes. Among the many options are virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting, Windows hosting or Linux hosting. These organizations provide guidance to the customers in choosing the right hosting service, and are characterized by high quality standards and cost effectiveness. The hosting service providers also ensure smooth, trouble free switchover from one hosting option to another, if a particular customer so desires. Managed dedicated servers hosting service can include two types-one is the basic, and the other is advanced.

Basic managed dedicated servers hosting service includes in its periphery, installation and configuration of any of the better known software server packages that may be customized to suit a specific requirement. The data support technical team also ensures that previous important files are also incorporated into the existing system. A round the clock supervision team takes care to ensure that the server does not go offline any time of the day.

Advanced managed dedicated server hosting service includes server hardening. This refers to even higher level of checking of the operating system to ensure absolute fool proof kick start to the service. The second feature of the advanced service ensures greater security of files or data through the coupling of software firewalls and IDS. Another feature of this service is the option for installation of Control Panel Support like Cpanel or Webmin. Other important features within the domain of managed managed dedicated server hosting service include automatic backup, anti virus protection, counseling and administrative services. The qualified team of technical support is always ready with their tips on trouble shooting. In addition to this, the advanced managed dedicated server hosting services team has a global presence, ensuring quick response to customer queries and problems, throughout the world. A website dealing with server hosting options would be ideal to consult before attempting to go for these services.

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